Your Learning Path to
Cyber Security Career

ethical hacking course and linux command line and shell scripting course

We put in the hours to create and update the most comprehensive online learning experience for those who would like to succeed in any of the Cyber Security fields such as ethical hacking, Pentesting, red or blue teaming and much more.


  • Learning +200 modern Linux tools & commands
  • Project-based shell scripting & automation
  • Terminal productivity using TMUX, Git, Oh My Zsh...
  • Dive in Linux Firewall
  • Handling basic to complex real-work Linux projects: network, security, system visibility and much more
  • 30-days money back guaranty
  • 40h HD video Bootcamp
  • +5h Live Hacking on HTB
  • 4 Courses in 1: Hacking, Python Hack Secripting, Threat Hunting and Kali Linux
  • +5 hours Red Teaming
  • Master OWASP Top 10, MITRE Att&CK best practices
  • Build a Complete SIEM and much more
  • 30-days money back guaranty
Volume 3:
Secure Networking - A Company Network Project on Open Source
  • Learn network security, open networking & Linux engineering in one tutorial
  • Building up a company-grade segmented network entirely on Unix-like OS
  • Learn underlying cluster technologies e.g. Keepalived & VRRP on Linux
  • Project-based learning of advanced nftables and pfSense firewall features
  • Learn most common network attacks and penetration testing technics